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Sympathy These sympathy items are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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A Grand Entrance


A distinctive and glamorous birthday bouquet for someone stylish.

Sympathy Garden Casket Cover


A lush lavender, white and pink assortment of flowers provides lavish covering while inviting a serene feeling of peace and calm. When the words are too difficult, send flowers to share grief and pay tribute.

Pearls of Eternity Recepti..


Breathe new life into any room with this soft yet vibrant assortment of fresh flowers.

Dozens of Kisses


Two dozen roses are the quintessential way to beautifully solidify your bond to your beloved and share a reminder that you'll always be there.

Seasonal Candlelit Sympath..


Bring warmth, love and support to a friend or loved one in need with this beautiful centerpiece. Let the soft glow of a candle, surrounded by fragrant and beautiful red roses, let that person know just how much you care.

California Classic Trio Gi..


"They'll be California dreaming with this unique metal box filled with three California wines: Blakemore cabernet, Briar Creek chardonnay and Cliffside merlot. A collection of sesame crackers, olives, garlic herb cheese wedges, coconut macaroons, vanilla fudge with sea salt, organic dried figs and more completes this California wine gift."

24 Kisses of Love


Classic, timeless and elegant, this arrangement of two dozen red roses is a shining example of nature's beauty and bounty. What a luxurious and memorable way to illustrate your deepest sympathy and support.

Southern Comfort


Fresh flowers in hues of pink and purple sparkle with life and beauty from a stunning green glass vase. An assortment of brilliant bloosweet floral fragrance make this bouquet a truly lovely gift for a special birthday boy or girl in your life!

Sunshine of My Heart Sympa..


Open your eyes to Sunshine of My Heart Sympathy Wreath of dazzling yellow roses to set the occasion right with positive vibes amd deep friendship. Give them a gift that will last a memory for a lifetime and sooth their troubles ans grief.

Broken Heart Standing Wreath


Broken Hearts are never forgotten with a special gift of a standing funeral wreath hand-designed with all scarlet red and shimmering white blossoms that air of that sweet heavenly aromatic scent of forever love. Sooth their troubles with an open heart and geniune love for friendship is the greatest gift!

Sunkissed Easel


Pay tribute to a dear friend or loved one now at rest with this exquisite standing spray of stunning, fresh flowers. Shimmering with grace and beauty, these breathtaking blooms are a truly heartwarming and touching gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Sympathy Blessings


Comfort that special someone on that delicate occasion with a plethora of white blossoms that shimmer and shine like the bright rays of the sun. In time of sorrow and grief, be that special friend to guide them down the garden of healing for the soul is the most precious gift.

Highlights of Heaven Caske..


Add that delicate to touch to that special occasion with a Highlights of Heaven Casket Spray in mystic shades of deep purple, lavish lavender, and invigorating green. Grace that special moment for that grieving loved one with a shimmering plethora of exotic blossoms to make them forget their troubles.

My Loving Heart Casket Pil..


Highlight that delicate cherished occasion with a My Loving Heart Casket Pillow to symbolize the unconditional love that will be with that passed on loved one for eternity. An array of deep red and creamy white roses shimmer and shine with the sparks of unconditional love.

Sunset of the Heavens Stan..


Start the occasion off right with a deep Sunset of the Heavens Standing Spray. Brilliant monochromatic hues of a an intense sunset radiate over that grieving someone like a light from the heavens above. Vibrant blossoms in shades of coral, gold, peach, and pink come together in unison like a sunset over the horizon.

Lift My Spirits Sympathy B..


Lift their spirits with A Lift My Spirits Sympathy Bouquet in the perfect dazzling shades of ravishing red, sky blue, and shimmering white to set their troubles free. Add a bit of patriotics spirits to that delicate occasion for a life well-lived in never forgotten.

Illuminating Showers Sympa..


Illuminate that final farewell in the radiant palette of pinks in burgundy, fushcia, and touch of green for that ultimate masterpiece. Reflect on the good times with that cherished loved one passed one for precious memories air the essence of eternity.

Stunning Radiance Casket S..


The color of red symbolizes unconditional love and genuine affections. Shower that loved one in need with a token of sincerity and deepest concern for every delicate calls for that perfect gift. A Stunning Radiance Casket Spray is the ultimate luxury!

Glimpse of Heaven Sympathy..


Give a simple token of your deepest condolences for actions speak louder than words. Snow white and deep crimson fresh florals ignite than reminiscent vibe of precious memories of that special loved one that has touched your life. Give them a little bit of a Glimpse of Heaven!

Forever in My Heart Standi..


Always Remember for Life of a loved passed on for life long warmest memories are a true gift. An open heart standing wreath dazzled in precious pink and white blossoms shimmer with beauty and charm. Shower that grieving loved one with an underlying love that heals the soul.

Rise and Shine Sympathy Wr..


Ignite their senses with a pleasant aroma of blooming fresh florals in an invigorating shade of sunkissed yellow. Give them a bit of Rise and Shine to ease their grief and troubles in this difficult time. The creative display of a luxurious sympathy wreath to highlight that occasion is the ultimate gift of gratitude.

Candy Striped Casket Spray


Candy Stripe the moment with happiness and unconditional love with a shimmering plethora of strking red and white blossoms in that perfect casket spray to highlight that delicate occasion. Let the moment pass as their grief is sure to heal.

Heart of Moss Wreath


A crisp palette of elegant roses and fresh flowers in shades of cheery cherry red, and pink. capture the most piquant hand-picked hues of a garden in full bloom!

Nature's Riches Casket Cover


Adorn the final resting place of a cherished friend or loved one with this exquisite casket cover. Brimming with vibrant, fresh flowers, this piece is a truly touching gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

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