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My Perfect Croton


Put a smile on their face with a creative and bright alternative to the traditional daisy. The daisies and teddy bear are so warm and friendly, they will be almost as special as the occasion! (actual bear may vary)

Elegant Simplicity


Radiant and resplendent with refreshing wonder, this bouquet exudes both tranquil congratulations and stylish luxury. Bestow a gift of nature�s beauty�congratulate with flowers today!

Mixed Simplicity Congratul..


Beautiful and bright, this arrangement of festive flowers makes for a wonderfully heartfelt and thoughtful congratulations gift!

The Spirit of Heaven


Let the essence of heaven shine upon that special someone like a beacon in the night! Shimmering white roses dolled up in creamy velvety petals make for that perfect display of striking elegance!

Capture the Moment


Capture a special moment with this vibrant array of pink, red and blue flowers! Fresh, sweet scents and luminous beauty will fill the room, making these breathtaking blooms an enchanting and delightful token of congratulations!

Sweet Enchantment


Bold and vibrant, this stunning assortment of pink roses is a true testament to nature's brilliantly beautiful bounty. What a heartfelt and thoughtful congratulatory gift!

One-Dozen White & Pink Con..


The majesty of roses is showcased in this exquisite ensemble of pink, cream and white blooms. Vibrant greenery adds a captivating touch, making this a truly special token of your Congratulations.

Victorian Charm


Simply breathtaking! The allure and fresh fragrance of this beautiful arrangement flatters as much as it entices. Bestow the most glorious gift of all--send flowers today!

A Warm Welcome


Welcome the new addition to the family with this cuddly teddy bear. With open arms and lots of hugs, A Warm Welcome is on the way! An extra little something with luminous yellow and white blossoms will add that extra special touch to any occasion!

Rose Explosion


Radiant with ravishing beauty, this magnificent bouquet of eighteen perfect roses truly expresses all you have to say. A most wonderful way to say congratulations!

Too Precious Congratulatio..


Pamper a precious person in your life with this delicate assortment of pink and red roses, carnations and freesias. Warm the heart and soul with this soft yet bold medley of color and aroma.

Pink and Red Basket of Love


Adorable, lovely, and truly delightful! Express your best congratulations and elated joy with a charming basket full of fresh flowers, chocolates, and a cuddly bear arranged by a talented florist. Why wait�order today!

Spring Flower Basket & Bear


Adorable, fresh, and utterly delightful, this pretty basket of flowers with a cuddly bear truly conveys your most sincere sentiment. Congratulate that special someone in your life�order today!

Holland Basket


Brilliant blue iris, vibrant yellow tiger lilies, precious pink snapdragons, pure white carnations, and either white tulips or roses make this a dazzling arrangement. Set in a natural-looking basket, this assortment of blissful blooms is a heart-warming Congratulations gift.

Enchanting Love Bouquet


Gaze in speechless wonder at the sheer beauty of it all! Pamper someone special--have a talented florist arrange a delivery today!

Rose Blooms Bouquet


Richly red and radiant, this exquisite array of one dozen dazzling roses shimmers with supreme beauty and grace! Vibrant and velvety, these brilliant blooms are sure to make a spectacularly special congratulatory gift!

Sunny Days Ahead


Life your head and keep your spirits up with an array of Sunny Days Ahead. A grand array mix of white and yellow luxurious blooms brighten their life like a light from heaven above. Let the lights shine in their life with an unexpected gift.

One-Dozen Assorted Congrat..


Exuding vibrance and life, this vivacious medley of multi-colored roses, set amid precious Baby's Breath and lush greenery, is sure to steal any show. Congratulate someone you care about with these felicitous flowers!

Gift of Nature Congratulat..


This vivacious assortment of bright yellow sunflowers and roses a heart-felt and heart-warming way to express your love.

Serene Garden


Everyday can be filled with serenity with this delightful bouquet of pink, white, cream, orange and yellow daisies is nearby. Bring peace, love and harmony to someone close to you with this gorgeous medley of vibrant flowers.

Simple Wishes Roses


Red roses are classic and elegant symbols of love, affection and celebration. Let these soft petals say Congratulations during a friend or loved one's time of joy and excitement.

Delightful Dozen Congratul..


Vibrant hues of pink and peach radiate from this bouquet of roses, creating a stunning medley of color and fragrance. Order this arrangement and pamper someone special in your life.

Bouquet Delight


Delightful and exquisite, this bouquet of fresh flowers beautifies the room with colorful grace and breathtaking artistry. A truly thoughtful way to say congratulations!

Spring Chic


Jump into Spring with this festively colorful and vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers! Nature's bounty reigns supreme from this artic arrangement - what a perfect gift of congratulations and celebration!

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